Building a loyal Social Media community is an essential task that requires constancy. But if you get it, everything will flow, and your work as a community manager will be much easier.
In addition to having a good product or service, which satisfies customers, we recommend following these tips:

1. Always answer to your followers, even if they are expressing criticism. It is very important that they feel heard, and that they know that you do your best to help them. Also, it will serve as quality control, to know what is failing and prevent possible crises.

2. Generate valuable and up-to-date content. It is very important that you know your community well, and know what kind of publications interest them. Often there are those that are more closely related to the brand, that’s why they follow you, but you should avoid being tempted to spam them with sales of your new products or services. You must also bet on becoming a reference in the sector, being the first one to inform of your news will bring you a differential value.

3. Surprise them with new formats. Keep up to date with the latest trends in Social Media. This will allow you to detect opportunities to generate original content before anyone else and engage your community with new proposals.

4. Invite them to participate. Most users are looking for distraction in social networks, so take the opportunity to propose challenges, games or riddles linked to the brand, and encourage them to know you better. Ask them for their opinion, ask them about their wishes, invite them to dream. In short, make them feel part of the project.

5. Use incentives moderately. Contests are always a good resource to increase your community, and also to achieve greater engagement, but you should avoid using them excessively, so that your community will love you for who you are and not for what you give. Create engaging contests and transmit the values ​​of your brand, but use simple mechanics to increase the participation of as many followers as possible.


– Elsa Blasco –