In these articles my co-workers talk about their specialty: interaction, design, streaming, photogrammetry, 3D, HMD’s, Telepport, etc.
I have one of the oldest professions in the world: Trade began when man started living in communities. But don’t panic, I’m not going to be talking about this, it’s very far away.
I just want to talk for a moment. A moment to achieve a goal which is nothing more than the magic of happiness.
Since I first tested virtual reality glasses, back in December 2013, I understood that I was experiencing a sensation of happiness.
I had been selling in another sector for almost 20 years. It had nothing to do with virtual reality, nor with innovation. But when I first tried VR, my mind “exploded” and when I got home I told my wife that this was what I really wanted to sell. It was a new channel of communication, a new way of visualizing everything, a new world. And the best part: Nobody, at least in Spain, was selling it.

Well, that’s my story, but I wanted to talk about the experience of many other people. What motivates me every day and really drives me to achieve my goal is to sell really incredible experiences.
Since I am at VISYON and because of the nature of the product we are selling, we need to be very proactive, we sell innovation.
People need a loaf of bread to eat, a car to get around in, but nobody needs an immersive experience, a teleporting booth or a surf simulator, at least at the beginning.
We must create a product that is attractive, customizable and that generates “magic”. In addition to finding a client who buys the idea, who believes that the action and the investment are worth it, and trusts us to create a product which is only a sketch at the beginning and needs to be materialized to make it work.
So, this that seems so complex is what I personally like to sell, and is one of our specialties in VISYON: Immersive experiences.
We have created them in different ways, with different inputs and for different purposes, using 360º video, CGI, 360º video + CGI, CGI + 2D video, etc.
But in all of them we are aiming to innovate and create experiences, involving as many senses as possible to achieve the greatest immersion.

What I really love is going to an event and setting up an installation that allows us to achieve something that seems impossible, like “teleportation”. And it’s wonderful to be there to see the face of users at the end of the experience: a face that shows that what they have just lived is magic.
Whether they are adults or children, when users receive these virtual reality inputs from what they are seeing, their brains are convinced that they are actually living that experience and that is when magic happens.
I think a good immersive experience generates endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.
These three hormones generate happiness and this happiness makes users speak well of this experience and in turn, of the BRAND.
This means that the client who bought a sketch or an idea and trusted us, is happy with their bet. And that allows us to keep selling more, creating new experiences, thriving to create them better than the previous one, and going all in to improve every day in all aspects.
So the purpose of all is being able to create that instant, that moment. The moment in which the user feels the magic of happiness.


– Emilio Blanque –